White Wing Scoter

Scientific Name: Melanitta fusca

White Wing Scoter hunts from East Coast to West Coast. To many sea duck hunters this is a hunt of a life-time. White Wing Scoter drakes have black wings with a large white speculum visible when flying and sometimes seen while sitting hence the name White -wing Scoter. It also has a small white crescent (Nike Swoosh) under both eyes. Its bill is orange-ish with a sloping, black knob at the base. The hen has white wing patches, a sage brown head and body with dark eyes and white patches at the base of the bill and below the eye. The white crescent below each eye on the female WWS is not as prominent as the male.

(ref:)  birdweb.org

Sea duck hunting guide for Scoter

East Coast|Atlantic Flyway

East Coast Waterfowlers , Capt. Steve King, NY

Ocean State Outfitters,  Capt. Jeremiah Brooks, RI, MA

Central|Mississippi Flyway

Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss, MI

Pacific Flyway