Scientific Name: Bucephala albeola

Sea Duck hunting most flyways in the US you may encounter Buflehead.  This dapper little bird is the smallest duck in North America mixing with diver ducks and sea ducks. Flying at an exciting rate and being able to stop on a dime makes this little bird hard to hit while sea duck hunting or diver duck hunting.   Its proportionally large head gives rise to its common name, which is derived from its scientific name Bucephala, meaning buffalo-headed.  Like its larger relatives the goldeneyes, the Bufflehead nests in abandoned woodpecker holes in trees.  Bufflehead

The male is bold black and white with an iridescent green-and-purple head that has a white patches across the nape.  Females and immature males have a gray breast and belly; they are otherwise dark brown with a white spot behind the eye.  In flight, birds show a small white wing-patch in the secondaries.

Breeds from central Alaska to Quebec, and in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  Winters along all three coasts and inland, except in the southern states.

(reference: National Audubon Society Pocket Guide)


Sea duck hunting guides for Bufflehead

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Mississippi Flyway

Ragged Reef Outfitters, Capt Bill Nyman

Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer”

Central Flyway

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Pacific Flyway

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