Common Merganser

Scientific Name: Mergus merganser

True to the Latin name mergus, meaning diver, the Common Merganser is an underwater hunter whose diet consists mainly of fish.  Once below the surface, this duck uses its expert swimming abilities to chase down minnow-sized fish.  The merganser’s bill is equipped with a toothlike edge that helps the bird hold on to its prey.  This is the largest of the three North American merganser species (the others are the Hooded and the Red-Breastedmerganzers) and the largest wild duck likely to be seen inland.

A large duck.  The drake is recognized by his white breast, green head complete with crest feather, and thin red bill.  The female has a reddish-brown head and crest and a contrasting whtie throat area.

Widespread from eastern Alaska throughout Canada and the U.S. Winters throughout much of the U .S.

(reference: National Audubon Society Pocket Guide)


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