Red-Breasted Merganser

Scientific Name: Mergus serrator

If ducks are best defined by their bills, then mergansers are the least ducklike of all ducks.  One of three mergansers in North America, the Red-breasted shares with its relatives a long, forceps-shaped, serrated bill that is superbly adapted for catching fish.  The Red-breasted differs in being almost exclusively marine with not breeding.

A duck with a long, narrow, bright red bill.  Adult males hav a black back, gray sides, reddish-brown speckled breast, and a white collar.  The darl iridescent green head carries a wispy crest that extend backwards.  Females and immature males are largely grayish brown with a crested, rusty-brown head.  In all plumages, white on the inner half of the wind is visiable in flight.

Breeds from Alaska east throughout northern Canada as far south as the Great Lakes; winters along all three coasts.

(reference: National Audubon Society Pocket Guide)


Atlantic Flyway

East Coast Waterfowlers Capt Steve King, NY

Ocean State Outfitters Capt Jeremiah Brooks, RI, MA

Cassel’s Waterfowl Outfitters Capt Dennis Cassel, NJ

Mississippi Flyway

Ragged Reef Outfitters, Capt Bill Nyman

Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer”

Central Flyway

Flyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich “taxidermist”

Pacific Flyway

Alaska Trophy Adventures, Capt Charlie Summerville