Surf Scoter

Scientific Name: Melanitta perspicillata

While sea duck hunting you might see Surf Scoter.  The drake is mostly black except for white patches on the back of the head/neck and the forehead. Most distinctive is its multi-colored bill which is bright red, white and yellow with a large distinctive black spot on each side. Hens have a dark, sage brown head and body. Surf Scoters breed in Alaska and across northern Canada. These beautiful sea ducks winter along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts feeding in the surf.

(ref: Audubon Soc. Field guide)

Sea duck hunting guides for Scoter

Atlantic Flyway

East Coast Waterfowlers  Capt Steve King, NY

Ocean State Outfitters Capt Jeremiah Brooks, MA,RI

Mississippi Flyway

Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer”

Central Flyway

Pacific Flyway