Sea Duck Hunting

Species list.

Here is an in depth list of Sea Ducks .  Please scroll over each sea duck and feel free to click on each respective name for a list of  sea duck hunting guides/outfitters, that can get you out to view, photograph or hunt these beautiful sea ducks.  We will also include  reference material, studies and surveys concerning each sea duck by source. Not all species listed are able to be hunted in the US or Canada.  Please refer to your individual state or province laws before hunting all migratory birds.

Sea Duck hunting

Common Eider

Common (Black) ScoterSea Duck hunting

Surf Scoter

White-wing Scoter



Blue-bill (Braud-bill)

King Eider

Common Golden Eye

Borrows Golden Eye

Spcecticaled Eider

HuntingStellers Eider

Buffle Head

Common Merganzer

Hooded Merganzer

Red Breasted Merganzer


Blue-bill (Braud-bill)

Sea Duck Hunting