Harlequin Duck

“Histrionicus histrionicus”  Scientific Name.

Hunting Harlequin is truely a challenge.

The drake Harlequin is blue and gray with white streaks and patches rimmed with black. It has a white crescent on its face, a white distinctive spot behind the eyes and a white oval behind that. It has a reddish stripe on the crown/nape and the same redish color on its flanks. The hen has a sage,  brown head and body, a white spot behind the eye and a whitish patch at the base of the bill. (ref: Flyways.us,allaboutbirds.org)

A sea duck of fast-moving water, the Harlequin Sea Duck breeds on fast-flowing streams. The Harlequin winters along rocky coastlines in the crashing surf where he/she feels most comfortable.

The only two states that have a regulated hunting season for Harlequin in the United States is Alaska and Washington state.

Atlantic Flyway


Mississippi Flyway


Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer”

Central Flyway


Flyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich “taxidermist”

Pacific Flyway

Alaska hunting guides, Capt Charlie Summerville