King Eider

Scientific Name: Somateria spectabilis

King Eider hunting Alaska

King Eder hunting Alaska, St. Paul Island part of the Aleutian Islands.
The crown and nape of the drake King Eider is gray. One of the most recognizable features is a bright orange bill with an orange knob and a light green cheek rimmed in black. The King of all Eiders neck, breast and rear flank are white and the rest of the body is black. The hen has a brown head with a black bill. Her body is a mottled, sage brown. (ref:

Sea duck hunting guides for King Eider

Atlantic Flyway

Not prevalent enough to hunt

Mississippi Flyway

Not prevalent enough to hunt

Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer”

Central Flyway

Not prevalent enough to hunt

Flyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich “taxidermist”

Pacific Flyway

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