Barrow’s Goldeneye

Scientific Name: Bucephala islandica

Barrow’s Goldeneye is  much less common than its close relative the Commom Goldeneye.  This species is a cavity-nesting duck, often choosing an abandoned woodpecker hole in which to raise its young.  The male Barrow’s Goldeneye engages is elaborate courtship display’s, including one in which he alternately dips his head forward and arches it backward over his back.

Males are generally dark above and light below.  The crescent-shaped white mark in front of the eye contrasts with the dark head. (The Common Goldeneye sports a round white mark.)  Females have a dark head, white collar, and grayish body; bill is sometimes yellow.

Breeds from Alaska south to Oregon and Montana, also coastal Labrador; winters along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California, and from Newfoundland to Long Island, New York.

(reference: National Audubon Society Pocket Guide)


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