Hunting Canvasback  (Aythya valisineria) the largest of the North American diving ducks. The Canvasback ranges from between 19–22 in long and weighs approximately 1.90–3.50 lb, with a wingspan of 31–35 in.  The Canvasback has a distinctive wedge-shaped head and long graceful neck. The Canvasback is considered to be the most table fair of all divers ducks. Canvasback hunting by flyway and guides Atlantic Flyway East Coast Waterfowlers Capt Steve King, NY Cassel’s Waterfowl Outfitters Capt Dennis Cassel, NJ Mississippi Flyway Ragged Reef Outfitters, Capt Bill Nyman Land and Lake imaging, Danny Klauss “photographer” Central Flyway Flyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich “taxidermist” Pacific Flyway Nor Cal Waterfowl Guide Service, Capt. Paul