• Sea Duck hunting World Wide

    When only the very best will do.

    Sea Duck hunting is getting more and more publicity as duck hunters find their waterfowl season can be extended greatly by pursuing these formidable opponents.

    Welcome to Sea Duck hunting .com

    Sea duck hunting while a beautiful, majestic male common eider gracefully lands in the Atlantic Ocean!

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    Sea Duck hunting World Wide
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    Welcome to sea duck hunting.com.  We are here to cater to the sea duck hunting community.  If you are a hunter check out our fine guides, outfitters and decoy companies.  If you’re looking to take your company to the next level through internet advertisement you have found your ultimate resource .

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  • Ocean State Outfitters

    Ocean State Outfitters

    Sea Duck hunting guide service located on the East Coast, guiding sea duck hunts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

    The best sea duck hunting guide service on the East Coast.

    USCG 100 ton Master

    Capt. Jeremiah Brooks

    Ocean State Outfitters
  • Doctari Longlines

    Doctari Longlines
  • Sea Duck hunting New York

    East Coast Waterfowlers

    Sea Duck hunting, Brant hunting and Diver hunting!

    Sea duck hunting New York with  East Coast Waterfowlers offers several challenging fast action “in your face” hunting experiences. Your next duck hunting adventure will be unforgettable with Capt. Steve King of East Coast Waterfowlers whether you’re diver, Brant or sea duck hunting.

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    Sea Duck hunting New York
  • FLyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich

    FLyway Taxidermy, Jerry Froelich




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